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What are Bus Bucks?


How it Works:

As a reward for use of our luxury transportation services (rides only, not bus charters), our loyal customers will receive 1 Bus Buck for every $10 spent lifetime.


These Bus Bucks can be used (up to a max of $100 per requested bus charter) to discount the overall rate to use our Party Bus. They can also be applied to ticketed seats for 5 Star Events.


Dollars used from lifetime purchases to redeem Bus Bucks can only be used once and will be subtracted from the overall lifetime purchase total, but dollars remaining and additional ride purchases will continue to increase total dollars available to convert to Bus Bucks again later when needed.


To find out how many Bus Bucks you currently have earned on your account, use form below to submit a request for that total, or inquire when you are contacting us to book a charter or point-to-point.


Bus Bucks, once earned, never expire until used as a discount against a Party Bus quoted rate and have no other value. 

Bus Bucks Inquiry

Please enter info below and we will respond within 24 hours with the available bus bucks you have to redeem. If you do not hear from us within that time, please contact us at (704) 947-0361.

Thanks for submitting!

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